We organise events to create precious memories, for ourselves and for all the people attending them. We want them to be special, unique but we don’t necessarily know how.

I faced that same challenge for my wedding, possibly amplified by the fact that I knew exactly what I wanted. How to find the right theme, style, items and accessories, contacts and sources to make it happen within a defined (and not extravagant) budget ?

At first, I thought creating an event like this was just impossible in Belgium – all I could find were decorations that were either modern or taken straight from the 90′s and no one able or willing to give a personalised touch to them. Too bad for my vintage Jane Austen inspired wedding …

Well nothing’s impossible to the enthusiasts and determined ones and it all turned out beyond beautiful. It was a wedding people are still talking about as something they have never seen before.

That’s when I decided to create Agat, to share my enthusiasm and ability to make events unique and beautiful. I see myself as a designer. I love to create and design.¬†Basically, I like to make things pretty and make people happy.

Creating precious memories, that’s what my partners and I do at Agat, because life is simply too short to have boring events.
I hope we get to create something for you soon.

Little Events

Beautify your birthdays, private events or romantic dinners


Big Events

A large room, dozens of guests and not enough time ?


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